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Travel Escorts, Medical Escorts, 

At-Home Care Management, and More


What I Offer

Here at Private Duty Concierge, I provide one-on-one personalized care to clients in Tennessee, Arkansas, and Mississippi. Choose from the service packages available that’s suited for your loved one’s needs. 

Medical Escorts

Minimum of 3 hours - $50 per hour, $.41 a mile outside

the 50-mile radius

      • Pack patient’s belongings
      • Transport to outpatient appointments
      • Be present during the appointment 

Travel Escorts

$1,000 a day

Fees for the plane ticket, car services, nurse room-in with patient with two beds, and other services must be shouldered by the client. The cost of the escort’s food will be shouldered by the escort.

  • Travel with patient on vacation
  • Provide one-on-one care management
  • Assist with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)
  • Escort to and from events
  • Medication administration
  • Also travel with mothers/infants 

At-Home Care Management

Minimum 8 hours - $50 per hour or $500 for a 12-hour shift

  • Provide in-home management for infants or seniors
  • Vital sign monitoring

  • Medication administration
  • Assistance with ADLs
  • Diapering
  • Food preparation
  • Feeding
  • Sit with the infant patient while the family/mother sleeps or is away from home 


$50/hr + $.41 a mile

  • Complete errands for patient
  • Take patient to errands including but not limited to:
    • Grocery shopping
    • Medication drop-off/pickup
    • Shopping for clothes

House Cleaning

Minimum of 6 hours - $30 per hour, $.41 mile outside the 50-mile radius

  • Designated to patient area
  • Light house cleaning
  • Dishwashing
  • Laundry
  • Sweeping/mopping
  • Vacuuming
  • Wipedown of patient’s area

Once the days are selected and payment is made, please send me an email containing the following information:

    • Name
    • Age
    • Code Status (A Copy of Paperwork Is Required)
    • POA (A Copy of Paperwork Is Required)
    • Allergies
    • List of Medications and Times to Be Taken
    • Emergency Contact Details
    • Height
    • Weight
    • Is Patient Totally Disabled?
    • Can Patient Walk With Assistance?
    • Does Patient Wear Diapers
    • Does Patient Travel With Oxygen or Other Appliances?

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